Ear Infections In Babies [Infographic]


There is no doubt that ear infection in babies is a common problem and it could be extremely painful for the little ones. However, since the baby will not be able to express itself, the onus lies on the parents to find out if the child is suffering from ear infection. We will look at some common infections and other useful information pertaining to ear infections in babies.


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  • Look Out For Some Common Symptoms

There are some behavioral changes in the baby that could point out of to the possible presence of ear infections. These include regular tugging of the ears, reduced appetite, diarrhea or vomiting or both and yellow or whitish fluid. However, the last symptom may not happen with all children but you should keep a careful watch on the same. In many children there could be an unpleasant smell emanating from the child’s ear and you can be sure that it is a tell-tale symptom of ear infection.

  • How Common It Is 

Almost 23% of all babies in the country suffer from ear infections at some point of time in their first two or three years. It is in fact the second most common infections after common colds. Therefore it must be given the importance and care it deserves.

  • How Is It Caused

Ear infections are caused because of a bacterial infection. It happens when the discharges inside the ears does not get drained out and start building up as fluid inside the ears. This is caused because of blockade in the Eustachian tube. This happens because of cold and cough and also because of bacterial infection.

  • When Should Doctor Be Called 

It would be better to call a doctor a doctor whenever you come across the first signs of infection. He or she will examine the ears with an otoscope to find out if there is a blockade in the ears. Therefore you must not delay the process under any circumstances.

  • What Is The Treatment?

In most cases ear infections get cleared naturally within a few days. However, in case of severe infections, it might be essential to put the baby through a dose of antibiotics. But it is best done by doctors and it would not be prudent to try homemade treatments because of the risk involved. Usually a course of antibiotics for a period of 5 to 7 days should be enough to cure the infection in almost all the cases.


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