Best Phones For Hearing Impaired Reviews 2019 – Top Picks With Comparison

Are you looking for the best phones for hearing impaired? With telephones becoming the most common mode of communication, you don’t want to be left behind, due to lack of proper hearing abilities. But it is not easy to interpret a telephonic conversation where there is no lip movement or body language to make out what the other person is speaking about. This is where the hearing impaired phones come in quite handy. Hearing impaired phones are a boon to those who are suffering hearing ailments and can transform the nightmarish aspect of speaking over phone quite natural and easy.

  • DECT 6.0 Plus Technology
  • All-Digital Answering Machine
  • Intelligent Eco Mode
  • Tone Equalizer
  • Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone
  • 4 Tone Settings
  • Dual-Power Battery
  • DECT 6. 0 Technology
  • Digital Clarity Power
  • Extra Loud Ringer Volume
  • Battery Backup
  • Clearer Call Quality
  • Expandable Cordless Digital Phone
  • Tone Equalizer
  • Power Back-Up
  • Electrical Interference
  • Cordless Handsets Phone
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Key Detector Compatible
  • Link2Cell Bluetooth Enabled

5 Top Rated Phone For Hearing Impaired Reviews

PANASONIC KX-TG6592T 2-HANDSETS – Leading Cordless Phones For Seniors

The Panasonic brand mighty black cordless phone model KX-TG6592T has created its niche in the electronic phone market with unbelievable sound clarity and with the amazing amplification feature. The cordless phone is incorporated with DECT 6.0 Plus technology which means it is digitally enhanced to give best sound quality forever. The model comes with two handsets one base phone and other for remote use. You may also opt for a single handset, the rate varies accordingly. The cordless phone is designed to cater the need of people who are hard to hear or suffering from hearing loss.

 hearing impaired phone For DeafFeatures

  • Maximum Clarity For Hearing

The unit provides maximum sound clarity for those who have difficulty in hearing. The Tone equalizer feature enables the user to control bass, low-range sounds or treble tones while receiving any call.

  • Better Visibility

The visibility of the phone is more due to large monochrome screen display and it has oversized Amber illuminated keypad for those who don’t have good eyesight.

  • Additional Six Expandable Handsets

The base phone can be connected to additional 6 handsets for better reachability from all the rooms.

  • Energy Efficient

The phone is integrated with energy saving Intelligent and Eco Mode technology which efficiently decreases standby power consumption by 77%.


  • Handset comes with 8 polyphonic melodies which user can program for specific callers in order to recognize the callers.
  • No call dropouts and basement sound amplifier provide better sound quality.
  • The device runs on rechargeable AAA batteries.
  • The handset comes with visual ringer indicator, and also indicates charging and signal strength.
  • It displays date & time, name and caller ID and also displays caller ID during call waiting.


  • No flashlight to display new messages.
  • Handset display does not specify how many old messages are stored.

Overall it is a great product for those who are looking for hearing aid home phone for better audibility. It comes with belt clip to carry your cordless hands-free while roaming around the house. If you have misplaced the phone anywhere the handset locator will help to locate the phone at home.

CLARITY XLC 3.4 AMPLIFIED PHONE (59234) – Best Phones For Hard Of Hearing

The Panasonic brand amplified cordless phone CLARITY XLC 3.4 is one of the best hearing impaired phone with inbuilt DECT 6.0 Technology for impeccable sound quality for hassle free communication. The unit amplifies incoming sound up to 50 + Db and outgoing voice up to 15Db which enhances the listener’s audibility. The unit includes 4 tone setting and 95 Db extra loud ringer which is adjustable according to the requirement. The product manufacturer has emphasized more on audio clarity, clear visibility of phone display screen for easy access and usage. The product is TIA – 1083 compliant for the better hearing experience.

Best phones for deafFeatures:

  • Plethora Of Useful Features

The phone unit comes with a plethora of useful features which are requisite for those suffering from hearing loss and also for those whose vision is not clear. The illuminated large dial pad which speaks the number helps to dial right number. Bright and clear LCD caller ID screen for easy recognition of the caller.

  • Easy To Call Back

The handset displays the caller ID hence it is easy to call back any missed calls.

  • Speed Dial/ Phone Book

The speed dial is referred here as a phone book. Once you select the number from your phone book entry, press “talk” and you will be connected to your destination.


  • The ringer is adjustable and loud hence extra ringer accessory is not required.
  • 4 additional phones can be connected to the base phone for better accessibility.
  • Speakerphones are clear and loud for hands-free conversation.
  • Carrying the cordless phone all around the house is easier due to the belt clip.
  • Dual power battery is included along with handset and supports the device during the power cut.


  • No voice mail or answering machine to revert to the unanswered calls.
  • The phone speaker shouts really high while dialing the numbers though it can be adjusted.

The device fulfills basic cordless phone requirement for hearing impaired people and gives an extra boost to incoming and outgoing calls by amplifying the sound level. The large keypad buttons and bright LCD display screen are the basic requirements for any hearing aid phone.


Among various hearing aid speaker phones, Panasonic Clarity Alto 54005.001 is digitally enhanced with extra loud ringer volume up to (100 DBA). It amplifies incoming sound up to 53 Db and outgoing voice up to 15 Db for extra speech clarity. Even during power shut down the dual battery support enables the user to make calls. The model is crafted to provide easy access to those who are hard to hear and see. The large illuminated keypad is easy to use due to its visible size. An extra cord could be attached to the phone if required.

Hearing-impaired phoneFeatures:

  • Utility Phone At An Affordable Price

The unit is useful and at the same time, it is affordable. The layout of the phone is attractive with many call features incorporated on the phone.

  • Loud Ringer Sound

The unit has extra loud ringer sound so that you never miss any incoming call. Even if you are not in the near vicinity of the phone the phone ringer will be clearly audible.

  • Easy Phone Functions

The handset functions are easy to use like basic volume control and boost function which improves the speech quality.


  • Display buttons are large and digital which is easily accessible by people suffering from hearing loss.
  • The phone lights up when it rings.
  • The ringer can be shut off completely by using the mute button.
  • Can be mounted on the wall without any hassle.
  • Product comes with one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Phone is compatible with hearing aid.
  • The unit is useful for elderly people as it comes with amplification of sound.


  • No extended warranty for the unit.
  • No caller ID display.
  • The ringer setting is not at all flexible to use.
  • Handset receiver design should be rectified for a firmer hold.

It is a basic corded home phone which resolves phone conversation problem for those who are suffering from hearing loss. Its unique features like a louder ringtone, incoming, and outgoing call speech enhancer are the added advantages. The phone weights about 3.8 pounds. The speakerphone is incorporated with digitally improved hearing aid technology.

PANASONIC KX-TGE233B – Best Cordless Phone For Hearing Impaired

The handset is a perfect choice for those who want it for home or office daily needs. The unit increases the voice quality by reducing the surrounding nuances. It includes a digital answering system for the convenience of the receiver to recognize the caller. The power backup mode enables the user to use the phone even when there is no power for several hours. The unit comes with tone equalizer feature and eco mode technology to save power when the phone is in standby mode. The unit comes with 3 handsets which are expandable up to 6 handsets.

Best Hearing phonesFeatures:

  • Caller ID With Text To Speech Feature

The base unit and other cordless units have talking caller ID feature. You need not rush to receive any incoming call. The caller ID not only displays the caller identification it also speaks out the caller ID.

  • Blocks Unwanted Calls

Now with the call block feature, you can block up to 250 unwanted calls from telemarketers, robot callers, and other distracting calls.

  • Track Your Lost Key

The unit can find your misplaced key inside the home or office where the phone is installed within 200-yard range with the help of a key detector.


  • Headset jack plugs available on phone.
  • The phone flashes when receives calls or messages.
  • The phone buttons are large and numbers are also clearly visible.
  • The unit comes with standard AAA Ni-MH batteries which could be easily replaced.
  • Message waiting base beep blinks when there is any incoming message.
  • Up to 15 ringtone choices available which could be assigned to different group of callers.


  • The ringtones can be better.
  • The quality of the phone is not sturdy. It is recommended for moderate users.

The unit is not a heavy duty phone. Those who are looking for a phone with multiple features at an affordable price, this handset is the superb choice. The quality is not good but it is not bad either. Elderly people who prefer a phone with good range and sound clarity can select this amplifier enabled phone.

PANASONIC LINK2CELL BLUETOOTH KX-TGE274S – Best Phones For Hearing Impaired With Answering Machine

Say adieu to all old models of the landline phone and welcome the advent of stylish silver color Panasonic link2cell Bluetooth cordless phone. The ergonomic design is in accordance with contemporary usage. The cordless unit is energy star certified for its power saving feature. The unit comes in a set of 4 handsets and can be synced with any two smartphones/cell phone for the ultimate convenience of the user. The long range cordless handsets can be used in offices and as well as at home with ease.

hearing impairment PhonesFeatures:

  • Bluetooth Enabled Handset

The handsets can be synced to any two smartphones via Bluetooth. This enables the user to call and receive cell phone calls routed through link2cell handsets.

  • Suppresses Noise Surrounding Sound

The device is digitally enhanced to suppress encompassing distracting noises while on the phone. The noise reduction feature enables the user to hear clear and good quality sound.

  • No Interference Speaker Phones

The device is integrated with crystal clear speakerphone without any distracting sound or hiss.

  • Provides Long Range Signal

The signal connectivity of the handset is a long range with clear sound quality.


  • Efficient power backup up to 10 hours during power cuts.
  • Includes 8 AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
  • The handset can be easily wall mounted and carry it with ease with the help of belt clip.
  • Large 1.8 inches backlit LCD display with backlit keypad.
  • Includes alarm clock and caller ID features.
  • Talking caller ID which alerts while receiving any new call or text message.
  • Can locate your lost handset if misplaced by activating cellular locate mode.
  • Amplified volume helps those who are suffering from the hearing problem.


  • Transferring an ongoing call is tedious.
  • Listening to recorded messages at the base phone will engage all other handsets too.

It is a globally approved brand according to the market research report 2016. The product is worth buying due to its plethora of features which are unmatched with any other handset available in the market. It is integrated with DECT 6.0 technology for enhanced sound quality.


Cordless Phone For Hearing ImpairedWhat Is Hearing Impaired Phones?

When you are speaking over a telephone you have to deal with the loss of body language, facial expressions and also the additional noise interference which can easily distort your input. And if you are suffering from hearing impairment or any kind of hearing disability, then the simple task of speaking over the phone can become a nightmarish experience. However, thanks to the advent in technology, we have the newly improved top hearing impaired phones that can aid those with hearing disabilities, making it easier for them to communicate over the phone. These phones come with additional features to help you have a better conversation.

Why And For Whom It Is Used?

The hearing impaired phones can be of immense use to anyone who has any kind of hearing disability. It could be a mild impairment or a severe loss of hearing and despite the severity of your hearing impairment you can enjoy telephonic conversations with ease, with this best hearing impaired phones. The main objective of these phones is to amplify the voice and ensure that the person on the other side can easily communicate with the person suffering from hearing impairment. It benefits those who are,

  1. Rendered deaf by birth.
  2. Rendered deaf by accident
  3. Grown old and have lost the hearing ability owing to age.
  4. A very mild or a very severe hearing disability.

It is not just a boon to those who have a tough time hearing, but it can also help those who do not have a very clear vision for it comes with over sized keypads and with background illumination as well.

What Are The Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Standards For Phones?

HAC, short for Hearing Aid Compatibility refers to the ratings awarded from M1-M4 in case of microphones and from T1-T4 in case of telecoil based phones, based on their compatibility. The phones with a higher rating are considered to be much better than the others.

  • Amplified Phones

You can buy this from any electronic store and are very simplistic, resembling your home phones. You can either get them as corded or cordless as per your preference. It can help anyone with a hearing loss, mild or severe, and come with features like tone equalizer and enhancer, etc. to make your conversations easier. You get different brands like Panasonic, Plantronics, etc. which sells these amplified phones.

  • Captioning Phones

An operator will act as an intermediate transcribing the conversation through a voice recognition software, which will further display the conversation as text in front of you. With the textual interpretation of the conversation, there will not be any instance of you going wrong in your understanding.

  • TTY phones

What is a TTY? This is a two way text phone where every conversation is displayed as a text to you and you can in turn text back to give your response. Your textual response is transformed into voice through an operator to the other side. Some of them also come with option to listen to the voice and then respond through text.

  • Video Relay Service

If the person suffers from hearing as well as speech impairment then this service is of utmost beneficial. The service offers you the chance to speak through sign language which is translated into words by an operator and the response received is also translated to sign language for your ease.

  • Video Calling Guide

The difference between video calling and VRS is that there is no operator but you will be speaking to the other person yourself through a video. A good example would be the Skype, which is quite popular.

How These Phone Helps The Hearing Impaired?

Hearing loss can be quite a distressing factor and you can easily mitigate it with the latest model amplified phones. These phones come with the option to turn the volume high or low depending on your hearing level and based on the volume of the person on the other end. The conversation is further made very clear and concise with the presence of equalizer. Also with the illuminated over sized keypads, you can easily dial in even with a slight vision impairment or in dark. The messages are also easy to retrieve or record and are highly compatible for those wearing best hearing aid brands.

Key Features

The amplified phones come with quite a few distinctive and innovative features to make conversation easy on best cordless phone for hearing impaired.

  • Tone equalizer: This feature helps moderate the tone in any conversation for the voice of every individual is different and hence the volume or the tone has to be adjusted accordingly. To ensure a better clarity on the conversation and not just improve the volume, you need something that attunes with the tone of the speaker.
  • HAC: Almost everyone who suffers from hearing impairment will be taking the assistance of a hearing aid and hence you need phones that are compatible with them. Amplified phones are highly compatible with hearing aids and with volume adjustments you can make it easier for your conversation. This hearing aid compatible phones are good one for the hearing impaired person.
  • Expandable Headsets: This is more required when you are living in a larger house and you want to have a phone at every room. Instead of getting a phone every time, just invest on headsets which can be connected to a single amplifier phone.
  • Integrated Messaging: The feature is to take a message when you are not available to take the phone call in person. You can also use this feature to search and retrieve the message from a particular number or person.
  • Over-sized Illuminated Keypad: A feature, which is a boon to those who have challenging visions or to the elderly, this has oversized keypads and a background that lights up when the room is dark.
  • Eco Mode: The power consumption is one of the biggest worries with any equipment and this feature ensures that your machine consumes 70% lesser power than usual. Hence this is a benefit you get additionally with the other features on amplified phones.

If you are suffering hearing impairment and a slightly visual impairment, then these phones can be of utmost beneficial to you.

Points To Be Considered While Choosing The Best Phones For Hearing Impaired

Designed to make telephonic conversation easy for the individuals who are suffering from mild to severe hearing impairment, the hearing impaired phones come with in-built voice amplification system. With the option to increase or decrease the amplification level and with the tone equalizer for a better output, one cannot ask for more. It is especially a gift for those who have been suffering from hearing impediments owing to old age or who has suffered loss of hearing owing to an accident or interference in their lives. Of course, those who have been born with hearing disabilities can also benefit highly from this. You should however take a few things into account when deciding on the phone for you.

  • Type Of Phone You Need

There are both corded phones and cordless hearing impaired phones available in the market. You have to consider the features of both the models and choose wisely as to which will make the most optimal solution for your disability. If you consider corded phones, you will see that they come with a better sound and a larger button, designed for those who are suffering from slight visual impairment as well. Of course, cordless phones make it easy for you to take your call from anywhere within your house, not restricting you to a single place.

  • Your Budget

There are many brands in the market and each brand has multitude of hearing impaired phones to choose from. You need to first decide on the kind of phone that you want and the price that you are willing to spend on it. With a budget made in hand, you can easily check out the phones in that price range and make a decision.

  • Experience Of Usage

While most of these phones doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience to use them, some of them like the TTY models might require you to know beforehand on how to operate them. It is therefore better to seek out a phone that will match your level of experience in handling such similar devices.

  • Degree Of Hearing Loss

Of course, the severity of impairment in the person who will be using the phone is also of important consideration. Depending on the severity you can choose the kind of features that you want with your phone. Some might just need a simple amplifier for they have a mild hearing loss while some might need captioned telephones for hearing impaired.

  • The Rating And Other Features

You can always check the rating awarded on HAC standards to the phones prior to deciding on the phone you want. These ratings can help you decide on how compatible your phones are with the hearing aids and when coupled with the other features, this can give you a better perspective on whether your phone is apt for you or not. Some of the features that you can look for will include caller id, vocalized keypad, hands free speaker, etc.

When buying make sure to take all the above factors into consideration before deciding on the right choice for you.

Tips For Speaking To Hearing Impaired Person

It is not just the person with the hearing impairment who finds it difficult to hold a conversation. It is equally tough on the other party. So here are some pointers to help you.

  • You should ensure that the person who is impaired with hearing is looking at you as you speak.
  • Ensure that you maintain eye contact and keep your lips visible for they read them as you speak.
  • Keep your conversation crisp and try replacing a word if they are not able to understand.
  • Be empathetic towards them
  • Speak towards the ear which is less affected for a better understanding.

Benefits Of Using Hearing Impaired Phones

There are many instances in which a person with hearing impairment finds it difficult to comprehend a conversation and respond wisely. It is not always that the hearing aids come to the assistance for they are also of limited use in some stages, like in the case of telephonic conversation. This is where the best hearing impaired phones offer the greatest assistance.

  • Whether you have a tough time hearing what the others say, especially over phone or you find it difficult to make a conversation on phone in a crowded place, you can definitely benefit with the inclusion of hearing impaired phones in your lives.
  • With many different options of the best hearing impaired phones available in the market from simple amplification phones to a Video calling option, you can now hear and get yourself heard in any situation. With the hearing impaired phones, you gain
  • A better rapport with your friends, acquaintances and co workers with an active social life.
  • A better understanding of your soft spoken comrades without having to worry about background noises.
  • Easy visual to dial the right number, even when in the dark, thanks to the larger and illuminated keypads.
  • Different choice of phones for different levels of hearing loss.


It is definitely challenging to hold a conversation when you are hearing impaired. The advent of hearing aids has eased off the challenge in the personal conversation and now with the introduction of the hearing impaired phones, the telephonic conversations are not a challenge either. Whether the hearing impairment is a birth defect or an accidental impairment or something you are facing owing to old age, you can be rest assured of these hearing impaired phones reviews guiding you with the best and easiest telephonic conversations. Decide on the price, the features and the other factors and you are guaranteed to make the best out of any telephonic conversation.

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