Best Hearing Aid Reviews Of 2019 | Top Brands, Ratings & Comparison

Are you looking for the best hearing aids ever? Over years, medical science has progressed towards improving the quality of human life by striving to reduce mortality rates & enhancing technology to combat naturally occurring deficiencies in the human body. Man stands distinguished, not just for his ability to think, but more importantly, his ability to use senses. When any of the vital senses is compromised, the experience is frustrating! But for those who have been through the agony of losing clarity of listening, this product comes as a gracious save!

The hearing aid device industry has pushed technology to reach pinnacles of precision through this product, promising to deliver a comforting experience for every user! While it’s likely that you’ll be facing many hurdles as your listening problem starts, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide & hearing aid reviews that will help you navigate any roadblocks and help you arrive at your first device purchase.

Comparison Of Popular Hearing Aid Brands & Prices

  • Clean Digital Amplification
  • 8 Batteries Included
  • 12 Month Warranty Guarantee
  • Comfortable And Very Effective
  • Best Sound Amplifier
  • High Quality and Classy
  • Extra Small And Discreet
  • Enhanced Battery Life
  • Digital Ear Amplifier
  • Digital Noise Canceling
  • Ready To Wear
  • Convenient Rocker Switch
  • Sound Reducing Ear Muff
  • Hearing Amplification
  • Light Weighted
  • Tone and Volume Modification
  • Super Efficient Power
  • 500+ hour Battery Life
  • High & Low Tone Control
  • Modern Stylish Design

5 Best Hearing Aids Available In 2018

LifeEar ClearTech BOOST

Lifeear is one of the popular hearing aid brands whose ultra slim modern listening amplifier is what you have been waiting for to restore your ear. Get a sleek device utilizing the digital sound amplification technology. It has been designed and tested by a reputable audiologist and ENT doctors to deliver exceptional performance. The digital volume control allows for the selecting of any sound you prefer within different environments.

Loud background interference is muffled out thanks to the sound suppression feature. The main part of the equipment is its ability to blend well with your ear and side face profile. None notices it except for the fact that you follow conversations so well.

Best Hearing Aids on the market


  • The slim design allowing for a perfect fit into the ears and unnoticeable to casual looks.
  • Possesses digital quality sound amplification offering crispy clear and distinct sound effects
  • The device comes in three colors – beige, graphite, and grey which blends easily with the most wearers’ skin and hair colors.
  • The multi-layered ear cones facilitate unparalleled sound reduction of the unwanted external sounds.
  • The product has been clinically tested and approved for use by serious ear research entity.
  • Comes with a manufacturing defects warranty of 12 months and a trial test period of 30 days allowing for no-questions-asked full refund duration.


  • Reliable: The product reliably amplifies sound need and muffles out the desired interference from external sources.
  • Light: Weighing only a once, the devices is lightweight are very convenient for use.
  • Quick adjustment: With one button dual usage, the listening machine is adjusted in volume and across channels with one easy swap.
  • Highly Rated: Out of the 71 users reviewed, over 75% provided a feedback of 4-star and over, meaning that the implement is highly effective.


  • External Amplification: The device has also been reported to amplify other external noises.


Regain your confidence during the conversation, and respond accurately to questions by getting yourself a pair of the LifeEar ClearTech Boost device. You no longer have to strain to get the message across. The sleek design, advanced technology and easy-to-use device are what you need to restore your hearing loss. 

NewEar Hearing Amplifier Ear ITC

The NewEar Hearing Amplifier is a cheaply priced yet highly effective listening amplification gadget. It gets the job done discreetly without any protruding profile on your earlobes. Get into group conversations and enjoy the laughter and closely through the features of the NewEar amplifier.

Applying the advanced amplification technology tested by leading audiologist and harnessing the benefits of the state-of-the-art microprocessors, this amplifier will get you listening keenly.

New Ear pinpoints the direction from where the voices are coming from, besides blanking out the unneeded background noises to only amplify the clear sounds.

NewEar Hearing Aid ReviewFeatures

  • Sleek design highlights the device’s tiny size and lightweight for easy holding.
  • Advanced micro-processing technology enhances sound amplification and eliminates glitches.
  • Long life batteries deliver extended usage, so you enjoy longer and crispier conversations.
  • Perfectly aligned to fit into your ear channel with a small tunnel to align to the side profile of your face.
  • Multi-level volume adjustments allow for over 12 settings to conform to all noise situations.
  • The product has been clinically tested and approved for use to reduce amplify sound receptions.
  • NewEar has a 12-month manufacturing defects warranty and a 30-days trial return period.


  • The device’s nimble size fits into the ear channel discreetly camouflaging it from the view of the people.
  • Powerful amplification enhances sound receptions and clear conversation in all situations from quiet to noisy environments.
  • Rapid volume adjustment with a single button which can adjust individual ear channel to different volume settings
  • The devices robust construction allows for proper performance even under strenuous and harsh environment.
  • The devices take into considerations that not all ears are of the same size. It is available in different sizes to fit different people.


  • Even as the desired sounds are being amplified, so is the background noises too, making for jumbled interference to conversations.


Although this best affordable hearing aid is not meant for hearing the machine, its ability to amplify sounds makes it a favorite gadget. The durable batteries and robust and close fit construction make it comfortable even after prolonged use.

Otofonix Hearing Amplifier

Coming in two colors and four different sizes, you will never miss your suitable otofonix amplifier.  The new ergonomically designed the amplifier blends well with your ear profile, maximizing performance.

The top grade amplification technology from the world-class device manufacturing company ensures that the quality sound is magnified and unwanted noises muffled.

The rugged construction makes the devices reliable even under harsh outdoor working conditions so you do not have to miss any sound.

Otofonix Hearing Aid Review


  • The ultra-modern and unique features of the Otofonix amplifier allows for digital sound amplification.
  • The high-tech microprocessor enhances the digital quality sound control to produce crisp clear conversations and listening experience.
  • The device comes in two colors – black and grey which blends easily with the most wearers’ hair colors.
  • The 12 set sound levels facilitate suitable adjustments to fit all conversation situations.
  • The four-channel preset configuration makes for the perfect noise reduction to mimic the operating environment.
  • The amplifier comes with an acoustic feed to nullify all external noises.
  • Its creative design incorporating open fit vented ear domes eliminates the “wind tunnel” effects and sensation.


  • The durable construction offer extended benefits.
  • The four levels of setting – normal, noisy, tremble and quiet offers convenience in usage.
  • The 12-month warranty in manufacturing defects offers greater security in case of any defects.
  • The company also offers a trails duration of 45 days making it one of the longest for the devices in its class.
  • The improved microprocessor delivers quality sound amplification.


  • Complaints have been noted regarding the durability of the device’s housing.


The digital volume control reinstates the lost well. The preset ambiance setting facilitates comfortable usage under different settings. Even though the construction is good, the issue of the weak casing which comes out frequently as well as the high price need to be addressed.

Walker’s Game Ear Ultra ITC – Best Invisible Hearing Aid

The Walker’s Game Ultra Ear ITC is designed to amplify sound in open spaces such as games, parks and ranches. It is, therefore, ideal for hunting and other outdoor sporting activities.

Although it is not meant for people with hearing loss, its good amplification qualities make it their preference. The lightweight device fits snugly into the ear channel.

Equipped with high-powered batteries, you devices is powered to accentuate clear listening for a long duration. Knowing that not all ears are the same, the Walker devices has accessories of different earplug sizes to support al ear sizes. Besides, they are priced cheaply to deliver value for each dollar spent on them.

best digital hearing aidsFeatures

  • Top of the range GSM device allows for the better connectivity in case of group communication.
  • Padded with quality ear muffs to reduce “ear ringing” during usage.
  • The unique microprocessor allows for perfect sound amplification in the field including the sound direction for the prompt response.
  • The device comes in different colors to suit different preferences.
  • The easy-to-use adjustable button controls both the volume and channel settings, ensuring convenient operations.
  • Comes with accessories including additional batteries and cleaning apparatus.
  • Manufactured by a renowned company in hearing aid solution.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty to give you peace of mind.


  • A quality product from reputable solution provider.
  • The lightweight devices allow for comfortable usage in the ear.
  • It can be used independently on each ear, providing the convenience in case of assistive listening devices to one are only.
  • The digital system delivers better quality sound amplification for better listening.
  • Works perfectly well even under sweltering conditions.
  • This cheaply priced device deliver the quality experienced by the $5,000 devices.
  • Backed with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects so no worry about malfunctions.


  • Minor concerns have been raised about the low level of amplified sounds.
  • There are instances of unbalanced volume controls affecting one ear and not another.


The Walker Game Ear Ultra ITC is a perfect outdoor sound amplification device. It is cheaply priced and works generally well in situations requiring medium sound amplification. Even though there have been complaining regarding their volume amplification and sound levels being low, that is what is was designed for.

Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier

The Britzgo Digital Amplifier is a personal sound amplification (PSA) device containing a digital chip for meticulous sound amplification. Experience the four channel frequency control to provide the needed ambiance effects conducive for all settings.

Its operations are simply, just unwrap, assemble and wear. However, a simple manual is also attached to assist in the steps.  The beauty of the device is its high durability battery offering the longest usage duration in the market.

The uniquely-designed behind the ear amplifier eliminates the “tunnel wind” effects while offering up to 15 levels of sound amplification. External noises are shut off, permitting only the desired conversational tones or TV sound filtration.

Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid ReviewFeatures

  • The powerful digital chip produces enhanced sound amplification.
  • The devices come with suitable accessories such as ear muffs, cleaning pipes, extra batteries and carrying box.
  • Durable steel casement construction makes the devices long lasting even when operating in harsh environment.
  • Powerful and highly durable batteries with over 500 hours operations time.
  • Long lasting IC chip amplifier using less power, therefore, extending battery life.
  • Excellent four modes channel selection for different ambience mode settings.
  • Up to 15 levels volume selection options offering you wide sound adjustments.


  • The product digital amplifier is very powerful yet uses less power.
  • Long lasting batteries ensure you enjoy perfect sound for longer.
  • Unique device construction allows for interchangeable earpieces between ears due to tube adjustment.
  • Small size easy to hold in ears and fits either ear.
  • Easy to read operations manual.
  • Come with three different channel settings.
  • Circular stylish compact carrying bag allows for easy storage when not in use.
  • Accepts wide sound variability – from concert to intimate dinner settings – increasing the comfort.


  • Comes only in one black color.
  • Large protruding back ear placement making the device very prominent.


The highly reliable Britzgo Digital Amplifier is a tested device with quality features. The 15 volume setting and wide ambiance range make it a best. The easily changeable pieces are convenient to use. The powerful batteries make it last longer. The only downside is its large protruding size.


What Is Hearing Loss?

A Hearing is a combinational sense involving the ear’s ability to detect sounds as well as the brain’s ability to interpret those sounds. There are two main types of hearing loss, depending on the root and nature of a problem. They are :

  • Sensorineural Hearing: This can be explained as a loss which is caused due to the damage to sensitive hair cells inside the inner ear or damage to an auditory nerve. Such event may occur naturally with age or due to an ear injury.
  • Conductive Hearing Loss: Accumulation of wax or ear glue/injury in the eardrum, prevents passage of sound from outer to inner ear.

Types of Hearing Loss

What Are The Causes of Hearing Loss

There are many causes of hearing loss through which anyone can suffer the problem. We have described the top causes of hearing loss which scientists have discovered the prime cause of a listening problem. They are :


  • The most prominent hearing loss causes.
  • It that develops as a result of getting older is often known as age-related hearing loss or “presbycusis”. This is the more prominent stage of hearing loss in adults.


  • Some people suffer from hearing loss as a genetic, inherited abnormality.


  • Constant exposure to loud noise at the workplace or surrounding/listening to loud music beyond tolerance levels, decreases and depletes the sensitivity of the ear.


  • Viral infections of the inner ear – such as mumps/measles
  • Viral infections affecting the Auditory nerve


  • People suffering from vertigo often suffer from bouts of inability


  • If the eardrum is torn as a result of injury/force.


  • Damage in the ear bones due to injury


  • Abnormal growth of a bone in the middle ear which causes the inner listening bone to be less mobile and less effective at transmitting sound


  • Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Something becoming trapped in the ear


  • Injuries that affect the brain or spine inhibit transmission of signals from the ear to the brain.

Types of Hearing Aids

What are the good hearing aids? And how much do hearing aids cost? Are you confused with these questions? Do you want to buy a perfect machine for your ear but you don’t know which one is good? In that case, this information is precious for you. Read this different types of hearing aids with pros & cons and get the right device for you or for your loved ones.

1. Analog Hearing Aid

Analog hearing aids work by making sound waves louder, amplify all sounds (speech and noise).A user can change their assistive listening devices settings to make transitions from a quiet environment such as a library or prayer hall, too noisy places such as a restaurant, to even an amplified environment such as a cricket stadium or cinema hall. These settings can be changed by the user by pushing a button on the hearing aid.

Pros :

  • More cost-effective than digital hearing aid.
  • Are sometimes more powerful than digital hearing aids
  • More accustomed choice to many long-term hearing machine users
  • Can be programmed to suit any type of environment as convenient
  • Can be designed at a specific frequency for an individual

Cons :

  • It does not have an inbuilt way to filter sound, making background sounds get equally amplified
  • Haphazard volume adjustment mechanisms

2. Digital Hearing Aid

Digital hearing machine take in sound waves & translate it into digital format. They further process, filter, distort, amplify and ultimately deliver a sound signal into your ear canal that is custom-tailored to your requirements. To perform all these functions, simultaneously and without lag, digital machine contains an inbuilt chip called a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip. It is one of the best types of hearing aid that has been a recent introduction and enjoy support over analog machines in certain cases, but has also been met with an equal amount of criticism in certain others.

Pros :

  • Can be programmed with noise reduction algorithms to score off background sounds
  • Manual adjustments can be negated through flexibility to adapt to a variety of environments through programming of the DSP chip
  • Most flexible and adjustable for specific user needs

Cons :

  • Not widely in use as it competes against the conventional analog models that users are more accustomed too.
  • More expensive and needs maintenance.

What Are The Different Styles of Hearing Aid Devices?


ITC (In The Canal Hearing Aids)

Invisible listening machine is custom-built to fit almost completely within the ear canal of any user. It is designed to fit snug into the ear canal and is one of the most cosmetically appealing and comfortable hearing aid styles.


  • Can have options such as volume control and memory holding capacity.
  • Good levels of comfort and tailor-made fit.
  • Can utilize more advanced circuitry because of space available for additional components.


  • Less expensive than CIC, but more expensive than larger aids
  • Can fit more types of hearing loss than CIC, but still not as severe of loss as larger hearing aids

CIC (Completely In Canal Hearing aid)

This hearing aid is virtually undetectable and well inside the ear canal and is suited for aiding patients with mild to moderate hearing loss. It is stylistically improvised compared to the ITC type Invisible Hearing aid, given its completely hidden nature. It comes with relatively smaller battery and lesser circuitry than any of the other types of hearing aids.


  • Small and discreet for cosmetic purposes
  • Efficient in the delivery of high frequencies.
  • Ability to use a telephone or headsets normally, because the hearing aid is recessed in the ear.
  • Sound can be reproduced without driving the speaker into distortion, as speaker is near the eardrum


  • Usually most expensive instrument because of small size.
  • Usually too small to having a volume control that can be used while in the ear.
  • Not appropriate for severe to profound losses. (Not enough power without having feedback)

BTE (Behind The Ear Hearing Aid)

Styled to fit partly behind the ear and appropriate for moderate to heavy listening loss. Cosmetically not a very favorable option, but requires lesser maintenance. The feedback is reduced and lesser circuitry is involved in the design. This device meant as a hearing device for severe hearing loss.


  • Less expensive to replace than custom, in-the-ear device
  • Can be used for severe and profound losses
  • Circuitry is lesser
  • Reduced feedback


  • BTEs are more visible
  • Some people find it uncomfortable to have something hooked behind the ears.

RIC (Receiver In Canal Hearing Aids)

RIC hearing aid commonly known as Receiver-in-canal are generally worn behind the ear, they come with tiny housings for receivers which sits directly in the ear canal. The mini receivers come in different sizes for different levels of sound amplification. This machine can be quickly adjusted and provide a high degree of wearing comfort and apt amplification. In behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids, the device’s components are all held in the same case: either behind the ear or in the ear. Receiver in canal devices uses a different strategy, separating the device’s components into two sections.


  • Separation of the receiver into its own compartment has several advantages. Receiver in canal machine is less likely to inundate listeners with feedback, and occlusion is generally less of a problem.
  • RIC hearing aids are favored by people with mild to moderate listening losses because they amplify high-pitched sounds very well.
  • A physical advantage to the RIC’s split configuration is that both the case that fits behind the ear and the receiver in the ear are easy to hide. The small size of the case also makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear.


  • Frequent repairs to the receiver are one drawback to the RIC because the receiver end is vulnerable to moisture in the ear canal
  • Highly priced.

Styles Of Hearing Aids

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Good Quality Hearing Aids

Buying the right type of hearing aid is essential as it not only puts the user at ease but also becomes an integral part of the patient’s body. Hearing machine have to be checked for a number of features before the right type is decided upon. Some of the characteristic features that have to critically analyzed are:

  • Noise Reduction: It should have the ability to reduce or minimize background sounds in order to ensure a pleasant hearing experience.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: A Hearing device with rechargeable batteries have a longer lifetime and do not require frequent replacement as opposed to ones with non-rechargeable one time batteries.
  • Telephone Compatibility: It is essential to keep in mind the types of phones coming in contact with the device and whether these are compatible with one another.
  • Wireless Connectivity: A Hearing device with advanced connectivity options make life hassle free and allow hands free and easier calling.
  • Remote Controls: It is essential to check how reliant remote access is on the hearing aid.
  • Direct Audio Input: Direct Audio Input (DAI) Direct Audio Input (DAI) is a feature of some BTE hearing aids which allows an external source such as television, computer, telephone, and microphone, CD player, ALD or ALS to be directly inputted to the machine.
  • Variable Programming: The variety and versatility to custom style and tailor-make a machine has to be considered carefully.
  • Environmental Noise Control: This mechanism is to amplify the necessary sounds and minimize all other background noise. One such efficient system is using the DNR.
  • Synchronization And Fitting: It is mandatory to ensure that the hearing aids is an accurate fit and it is suited to the patients hearing capacity in terms of not too much amplification of sound, at the same time, sufficient clarity of sound.
  • Feedback Reduction: The presence of acoustic feedback has been one of the major problems in fitting and wearing of the hearing machine. Acoustic feedback takes place when some of the amplified sound leaks from the ear canal and are picked up by the microphone and then re-amplified. This starts the cycle of leakage and re-amplification (the “feedback loop”) that results in the screech we know as “acoustic feedback.” Acoustic feedback can prove to be an unpleasant user experience. An optimal feedback cancellation will lower acoustic feedback without undesirable modifications of the hearing aid’s frequency response. A number of manufacturers now include this capability in their device.
  • Speech Enhancement: The good hearing device’s first job is to help people better understand speech. Usually, when we converse we have some kind of noise in the environment—and differentiating between speech and noise can be difficult. Some listening instruments use noise reduction systems that reduce sounds for our ease, but it generally comes at the expense of intelligibility. Speech enhancement noise reduction, helps listeners to clearly hear the sounds that are important. Enhancing the speech component is essential.
  • Waterproof And Dust Resistant: The hearing machine if waterproof and dust resistant allows swimmers, sportsmen and even children to use it with comfort and ease as there is no constant maintenance and cleaning hassles required.

Who Can Use The Hearing Aid?

Although it do not have the capacity to  truly correct hearing loss, they have the ability to minimize the effects caused due to impaired or reduced hearing as they are designed to make up for the defect. If you have an open ear canal and a relatively normal external ear, then hearing aid can suffice as a corrective measure. If there is not severe damage, and just correction involved, your doctor is likely to suggest a hearing aid. Almost any individual with a clearly diagnosed shortage of listening, can use the perfect hearing aid, with medical advice.

Benefits of The Ideal Hearing Aid Devices

  • Improved Conversational Comprehension

With improved listening ability, comes better conversations! When normal volumes and pleasant tones are used to communicate, the conversation becomes easier and memorable.

  • Increased Hearing Power

Clarity of hearing is improved and able to clearly distinguish between sounds helps improve hearing power and range of listening.

  • Reduce Annoyance related to Tinnitus

Tinnitus or buzzing/ringing in the ears is reduced and can prove to be a relief for the patient.

  • Better Living

With better listening capability, dependency and stress reduces; self-confidence and self-reliance improve, thereby lifting the spirits of the individual.

  • Reduces The Progression Of Cognitive Decline

The effect of cognitive decline and its pronounced effects are minimized and slowed down.

  • Enhanced Directional Perception

With audio sensory receptors restored, the individual’s sense of directional acuity and perception also is improved and sharpened.


How Do Hearing Aid Devices Work?

A hearing aid is an amplifier that makes the sound louder. Current hearing aids devices do much more than that, but it wouldn’t help much if they don’t amplify.

There are different types of hearing solutions available, but they all have the same five key components:

A Microphone on the outside of the hearing aid picks up sound from the air as it enters the ear and converts sound waves into digital signals; A microchip – a miniature computer that enables Audiologists to customize your hearing solutions. An Amplifier to strengthen the digital signals. A tiny battery power the hearing aid. A Receiver which is the speaker that converts the digital signals into vibrations that then pass through the inner ear to the brain.

How We Hear

People Generally Ask Questions About The Hearing Aid Devices

Q1: Do I Need Medical Clearance Before Buying The Appropriate Hearing Aids?

A: Medical advice is recommended to rule out any other major ear-related issues and to choose the correct type of hearing aid.

Q2: Are All Hearing Aids The Same?

A: No. All hearing aids are not the same and differ on the basis of the categories and features mentioned above.

Q3:  Will Hearing Aids Help Me Hear Better On The Telephone or In Public Places?

A: The hearing aid is designed to improve hearing ability and can cater to a wide range of surroundings ranging from quiet places to noisy ones. Given the ability to adapt to the surrounding, a hearing machine will make you hear better real-time or on phone conversations as well.

Q4: Will Hearing Aids Eliminate All My Communication Problems?

A: Hearing aids eliminate communication difficulties that stem strictly from the inability to hear clearly. If the individual has any other problems such as a language barrier or inability to comprehend clearly what he hears, then a hearing device cannot be a solution.

Q5: Are There Other Hearing Devices That Will Help Me Hear With Or Without My Hearing Aids?

A: Yes, there are other options. An audiologist may recommend appropriate hearing aids for a person who is new with a hearing loss, or for people who feel hearing aids are not right for them. For example, there are personal amplification devices and FM systems. FM systems can be particularly useful in difficult listening situations, such as background noise. These devices provide similar functionality to hearing aids as they provide the user with amplification; however, not all the devices available provide the same degree of power or amplification across the frequency range as hearing aids. Since there is a great variety of devices and features available, be a pro and carefully consider all the features if you’re thinking about getting a personal amplification or FM system. If you want to buy good inexpensive hearing aid for you then the online market is the best place to buy hearing aids.

Q6: What If I Buy Hearing Aids And Can’t Adjust To Using Them?

A: If you struggle with adjusting to using one style or type of hearing aid, it is strongly suggested you try a different, more convenient type of hearing aid or consult a specialist for a device that suits you better. Never compromise on the comfort!


All hearing aids may not suit any condition due to which the individual has become hearing impaired. In addition, each type and style of hearing aid has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Each patient/customer is encouraged to get comprehensive medical advice from a specialist prior to settling for a perfect choice of best hearing aid. Your journey to better hearing and livelier conversations begins here! As above, our experts have reviewed the top 10 hearing aids from which these top 5 hearing aid reviews will help you to choose the one which is perfect for your hearing.

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