Best Ear Plugs Reviews 2019 | In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best earplugs? If you are wondering on whether you need ear plugs, then you need to carefully evaluate your daily routine. Does your work involves being in places where there is lot of noise to bear with or do you love going to the shooting range as a hobby? Do you have a tough time sleeping in the night or are you a victim of Swimmer’s ear? If you answer yes to any of these or you simply want to escape from the noises, then earplugs are one of the best solutions.

Whether you want to get a pair of ear plugs to get a good night sleep or to steer clear of the noise in the work place, you definitely need to consider a few factors and know the kind of good ear plugs available in the market before you make a decision.

Best Rated Ear Plugs On The Market

  • Decibullz - Custom Molded Earplugs
  • 31dB Highest NRR
  • Hearing Protection for Shooting, Travel, Swimming, Work and Concerts
  • Acoustic Filters High Fidelity Hearing Protection
  • Compact Size
  • Dynamic Attenuation
  • Ready-Fit Hearing Protection
  • Reduces Risk Of Hearing Damage
  • Replicates the Ear's Natural Response
  • Preserved Sound Quality
  • 24dB Noise Reduction
  • Patented EarLock Retention Rings
  • Hear Safe Sound Levels
  • Supplemental Hearing Muffs
  • Highest Noise Reduction
  • Long-wearing Comfort
  • Conforms to Inner Ear
  • Push-in Earplugs

5 Top Rated Earplug Reviews

Decibullz Custom Molded – Best Earplugs For Concerts

Decibullz impeccable state-of-art earplugs are the world’s first thermos-fit custom earplugs. These earplugs can be customized according to the size of the ear by re-molding it. The earplugs quickly fit to the ears and can be molded several times by putting it into boiling water. Once it fit the ears it never falls or hurts and provides relieve from unwanted noise. Decibullz earplugs can be used while traveling, shooting, and working in noisy environment, and in loud concerts. The product is available in variant colors. These re-moldable earplugs are innovation and are available at affordable price.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplug review


  • Precise Fit For Your Ears

Decibullz thermoplastic earplug molds are easy to reshape by heating the molds in the hot water then wait for sometimes and snap them onto your earphones and shape them according to your ears hence provides a precise fit.

  • Never Falls or Hurts

The incredible Decibullz Custom molded ear plugs perfectly fit the ear hence never falls or hurts and provides isolation from surrounding noises.

  • Bluetooth Enabled Earphones

Decibullz earphones are part of Decibullz’s easy-shape system. The earphones are incorporated with wireless audio technology i.e. Bluetooth.


  • Extraordinary fitting with unmatched comfort due to customized earplugs.
  • The earplugs are secured with double seal technology to ensure no noise disturbance and provide hearing protection.
  • The earplugs provide moderate to good level of hearing protection for absolute isolation from unwanted sound.
  • Fits all ear types and sizes as it comes with foam tips and three various sized silicone tips.
  • These customized earplugs could be used for multiple purposes such as for shooting while traveling, or for running yard equipment.


  • Custom molded ear plugs might be uncomfortable while sleeping in a side position.
  • While extracting the unit from ears the foam inserts fall off.

These earplugs are perfect for those who want to save their eardrums from noise pollution and desperately needs a noise reduction device. The remolding feature is unique of its kind and provides ultimate comfort and ease to the users. It is a top rated customized hearing protection device.

Dubs Music Ear Plugs – Top Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

Dubs earplugs are crafted for those who want to avoid unwanted noise and would like to hear clear quality sound or speech. Its acoustic filters enable the user to hear the sound without noise and provide high accuracy hearing protection. The ear plugs are reusable ear plugs and compact in size. The sturdy mighty device blocks all the hazardous noise and enable to hear the soft clear sound. It is made up of 17 complicated pieces and utilizes dynamic attenuation which helps to reduce sound and constraints mid range frequencies. It is recommended for users 16 years and above.

Dubs Music Ear Plugs Review


  • Multi-Purpose Earplug

It serves as ear protection at multiple public places or venues and protects ears from the harsh sound. Its acoustic filters help to hear soothing sound removing all distracting noises. The device is ideal earplugs for musicians, club members, and for construction or industrial workers.

  • Intricate Designing For Perfect Repercussion

The small and sturdy silicon device is made up of 17 complicated pieces which include stainless steel, polymer foams, and ABS.

  • Controls Mid – Range Frequencies

Dubs earplugs have 12dB NRR average and can control midrange frequencies up to 24dB of attenuation.


  • It reduces noise level up to the point which is acceptable by ears and at the same time can hear announcements.
  • Ideal for use at concerts or at pubs or can watch opera without extra stress on ears.
  • Durable ear protection from unwanted noise.
  • Convenient carrying case which keeps the device clean and safe.
  • Its compact design and anatomic shape fits into the ear perfectly and doesn’t look oversized.
  • Comes in four variant colors of blue, pink, teal, and white.
  • Cancels extra noise disturbances from the environment.


  • Not conducive for the shooting range.
  • While talking or chewing the earplugs should be removed else the voice echoes by amplifying the sound.

The device is highly recommended for recreational activities and for those working in a noisy atmosphere like industrial workers or airport ground personnels. It is not the right choice for those practicing shooting as it does not completely isolates the sound and thus can harm the ears.

ER20 High Fidelity Earplugs – Best Earplugs For Shooting 

Etymotic Research earplugs are reusable clear white high consistency earplugs. It is designed to filter unwanted distracting noise and allows reaching the ears clear ambient sound. The earplugs enable to hear the natural speech, music, or conversation with the help of proprietary tuned resonator and acoustic resistor technology. The unit is designed to reproduce natural and unchanged surrounding sound, which is acceptable to the ears and are quieter to hear. The unit is capable of reproducing sound which is not muffled, unlike standard foam earplugs. If the ear plugs are worn properly it reduces sound up to 20dB.

best high fidelity ear plugs


  • Does Not Muffle Incoming Sound

The Etymotic earplugs do not muffle with the incoming sound such as music, conversation, or speech. It rather reduces the sound level evenly and the sound quality is consistent.

  • Protects From Hearing Loss

The earplugs save ears from hazardous noise which can damage eardrums. The unit prevents ears from the exposure to loud sounds such as music concerts, theaters, sports event, and airshows.

  • Fits Perfectly To All Ear Canals

The unit is available in two sizes, standard and large. The standard usually fit all users. The product comes with Etymotic plugs, neck cords, and carrying case.


  • Helps in noise reduction and protects ears from the hazardous sound.
  • Durable, reusable and secure earplugs for long term use.
  • Clear, quieter speech is audible when earplugs are put on.
  • Reduces noise to a safe level by preserving the clarity of speech or sound.
  • The unit is suitable for all types of ear canals, available in standard and large size.
  • Each earplug yields up to 20 dB sound reduction.
  • Easy to carry without any hassle and can accommodate in any kind of purse or pocket.


  • These earplugs are not suitable for swimming, shooting range, and sleeping.

These are the most competitive earplugs in the market at this affordable price. It protects ears from noise-induced hearing loss. Carrying the unit is easy as it does not accommodate much space and can be used in any kind of noisy environment. Use it to understand the difference.

SUREFIRE EP7 SONIC DEFENDERS – Best Ear Protection For Shooting

The Surefire EP7 hearing protection earplugs design is low profile so that its comfort level is never compromised while wearing mask, scarf or helmet or any other type of headgear or sleep too. Due to its soft foam Comply Canal Tips the ears are secured from unwanted noise. The patented ear lock retention rings enable the earpiece to stay at its place and fits the canal precisely every time. The Surefire EP7 earplugs are manufactured using hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer that’s enduring and feasible. The product is available in three attractive colors black, transparent, and orange.

best sleeping ear plugs


  • Ultra-Protection

The EP7 Sonic Defender Ultra Filtered earplugs filter the encompassing noisy sound and enable to hear soft, clear speech which is soothing to ears. Its ultra-filtration feature does not interfere with the normal sound quality and provides muffle free sound or speech.

  • Sound Gauge

The foam-tipped stem design fits perfectly to most of the people ears and provides highest NRR ear plugs i.e. noise reduction rating up to 28dB. It also reduces harmful noises which are above 85dB via proprietary design which inculcates a special noise reduction filter.

  • The unit is compatible with radio communication system

The earpiece is versatile and also compatible with radio communication system.


  • Seven stage patented ear lock rings.
  • Ensures muffle free clear sound.
  • Secures ear by reducing noise level above 85dB.
  • Additional filter caps helps to protect ears from lower level distracting noises.
  • Noise reducing filter is mandatory to filter noise.
  • Can be used for gunfire or shooting range.
  • It is recommended while driving, recreation or could be used by those who need day long hearing protection like workers at a construction site.


  • Tough to remove the ear plug once the foam is fixed into the ear.
  • Different sizes of foam plugs are required.

The earpiece is for multipurpose use from hearing protection to radio connectivity. Removing the noise-reducing filter from the earpiece and attaching it to the system will give you radio connectivity. Once the noise filter is removed from the earpiece it will no longer be a hearing protection device.

Howard Leight Max Foam Earplugs – Good Earplugs For Sleeping

Howard Leight manufactured by Honeywell Max is an uncorded and single use earplug. The foam earplugs are competent enough to provide hearing protection from various ambient sound nuances. The earplugs are disposable and available in 200 pairs in one pack which lasts up to a year. The remarkable bell-shaped diminutive earplugs are comfortable to wear and provides protection up to NRR33. The bell shape design of the earplugs fits the ear contours perfectly providing maximum noise reduction and does not fall from the ear canals. The earplugs are soil resistant and are the most used hearing protection unit.

most comfortable ear plugs for sleeping


  • Improved And User – Friendly Earplugs

The peerless bell shaped design of earplugs provide maximum protection to ears and Polyurethane foam enhances the comfort level, especially for those who wears it for longer hours. The smooth soil-resistant foam is designed to prevent dirt accumulation.

  • Useful For Myriads Of People In Various Occupation

These disposable earplugs are convenient to wear and are cordless. People in different occupation can use it to protect their ears from the harmful noise. Highly recommended for people working in industries, transportation, military, mining, and agriculture arena.


  • Recommended for long term use.
  • Single use disposable earplugs which last for a year.
  • The bell-shaped contoured foam fits almost all the ear types.
  • A closed-cell outer layer design prevents dirt from accumulating.
  • 200 pairs of earplugs in each pack at an affordable price.
  • Each pair of earplugs is separately packed with a perforated edge for easy opening.
  • Non-corded earplugs.
  • Perfectly rolls into the years and fits nicely into the ear contours. Its flared ends enable to remove it easily.


  • Not recommended for swimming or bathing as these are foam plugs which can absorb water easily and high chances to hold water in ear canals.

Among disposable earplugs, these are the most used polyurethane foam earplugs & also it’s best earplugs for snoring as well. Due to its comfort and high noise reduction capacity, it is in demand. Its immaculate bell shaped design doesn’t allow ear plugs to fall from the ear canal and prevents soil deposits. The product usage will enhance your hearing experience.


What Are The Best Ear Plugs?

When you search for ear plugs, you will be bombarded with a huge number of results and you might be confused on which one would be a good choice. There are ear plugs to cope with different activities like sleeping, hunting, gaming, etc. And there are also a wide variety of ear plugs available at your disposal. The ear plugs, whatever they are made of, will be considered good, only if it provides you the protection you need from the noises and ensure that your ears and your hearing ability is safe. It should also not harm your ears in the process.

best earbuds for sleeping

Types Of Ear Plugs

Use of ear plugs dates back to thousands of years back, when human race used cotton or wax ear plugs as a way to shut out the noise around them. And over the years, there has been a lot of evolvement in the making of ear plugs as in every other industry. You find ear plugs made of different materials like PVC, silicone, polyurethane (memory foam), etc. Based on their durability and the material used in their making, one can classify the ear plugs into many categories.

Foam Ear PlugsWax Ear PlugsSilicone Ear PlugsPolymers Ear PlugsElectronic Ear Plugs

What To Pay Attention While Choosing The Right Ear Plugs?

There are a few factors that are to be taken into consideration when choosing the best rated ear plug.

  • Noise Reduction Rating

The NRR determines the level of efficiency at which the hearing protection offers you relief from extreme noises. The higher the rating, the better will be your ear plugs in keeping the noises away.

  • Your Ear Size

The size of your ears matters as without a proper fit, you will not have a comfortable time wearing the ear plugs. The earplugs are to fit snugly in your ear canal to be effective in their function.

  • Intended Usage

There are various ear plugs for different purposes, like ear plugs for swimming, traveling, noisy work place, etc. Choose an ear plug based on the activity you want to use it for a better result.

  • Knowledge

It is not enough that you know the different type of ear plugs but you should also know how to use them for an effective use. For instance, the foam ear plugs have to be fitted rightly into the ear canal so that they don’t leave any space for a possible leakage of noise into your ear drums. The first question you need to ask is whether you know how to use them.

  • Your Budget

Fix up your budget that you are willing to spend on the ear plugs. While the custom molded ones might cost you higher than the disposable ones, there are no recurring purchases to be made. But if your use is restricted to a single or couple of times, then you will benefit with the disposable foam ear plugs.

  • Cost Vs Quality

This is of utmost importance as you don’t want to spend too much on a cheap product and vice versa. Make sure to do a complete research and understand what can be expected out of the ear plug before you expend money from your pocket.

What Is A Custom Fit Earplug?

As you can infer from the name, these ear plugs are typically customized to make the right fit for the wearer’s ear and offer the best hearing protection. In order to do this, an impression of your outer ear and the ear canal is first taken and sent to laboratory to manufacture a hearing protection that will match with the measurements. They last for years from 1-5 years depending on where they were made.

What Is A Disposable Earplug?

Any ear plug which is made of memory foam or rolled up silicone can be classified as disposable ear plugs. These are ear plugs that can be used either once or for a very limited usage. Most of these are rolled into a cylindrical form with fingers and compressed before it is inserted into your ear canal. Once inserted, it expands to fit the canal, effectively blocking out any sound.

Benefits Of Good Quality Earplugs

The ear plugs, with the option to give an input of plain white noise, come with many advantages to those who use them.

  • The ear plugs offer you protection from noises that are beyond the hearing range for human ears.
  • They are easy to carry around as they are quite small and do not require much space.
  • The ear plugs can be easily worn with other type of hearing protection aids, like the ear muffs if required. In fact while the ear plugs can keep the noise out, a simple ear muff can keep the cold out in winter.
  • They are perfect suited when you work in hot and humid conditions and they can last longer without much wear and tear.
  • They are quite convenient when you have to work in confinement and they do not stand out on your head. This is much suited for those who do not want to draw attention to them with best electronic ear muffs but want to keep the noise out.
  • They are available in different sizes, shapes and colors and are available in different materials to choose from.
  • Ear plugs are available in different models to suit the different purposes for the wearer like swimming, shooting or sleeping.


Keeping your ears protected from the various elements like noise, wind, debris is of utmost importance if you want to keep your hearing on par. And when it comes to best earplugs, you have plenty of options to choose from. Do your research thoroughly and make sure that the ear plug you choose meets with all your requirements.

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