5 Best Bone Conduction Headphones Of 2019 With Comparison

Are your planning to get the Best Bone conduction headphones? These are for those who have partial or minimal hearing loss. They can provide you complete support and ensure that you get your hearing back. Bone Conducting headphones are also very stylish and are perfect to be worn in any event or party. Bone headset are very different from normal hearing aid which we have came to know.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones On The Market

  • Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones
  • PremiumPitch+TM patented dual suspension transducers
  • IP55 certified sweat resistance
  • Dual microphones deliver clear communication
  • AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones
  • PremiumPitch and LeakSlayer technology
  • IP55 certified sport headphones repel sweat
  • Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity and convenient multipoint pairing
  • AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Mini Shorter Headband Size for Smaller Fit
  • Bone Conduction Technology And OpenFit Design
  • iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready smartphones
  • Lightweight And Flexible To Ensure Comfort
  • SainSonic BM-7 Bone Conduction Headphone
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 allows 10 meters of clear range connection.
  • Aftershokz Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones
  • Transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea
  • OpenFit assures unmatched ambient sound
  • PremiumPitch patented dual suspension transducers

5 Stunning Bone Conduction Headphone Reviews

Unlike a normal hearing aid which has a amplification gadget with microphone which grabs audios and send them in the ear for increasing the hearing ability of a damaged ears. But with advancements in the scientific technology, They are not only provide hearing capacity to damaged ears but can also provide other features. These bone conducting headset have made it possible to block series of audio, noise of surface area and many other features which can provide added value to the person. These awesome bone headphones are lot more effective and precise.

Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Bone Conducting

Best Bone Conduction Headphone Reviews

Bone Conduction is one of the latest technology which transmits sounds by vibrations. Aftershokz Bluez 2S is one of the popular products in this category. These headsets use bone conducting technology for transmitting vibrations with the help of a small pair of speaker pads. At first glance, the headset looks average in fact a bit chunky. There is a multifunction button on the left transducer and volume buttons, power button, charging port and LED indicator at the back.

On the whole the headset is very comfortable and can provide you hours of music without any discomfort. This technology has been around for many years now and can provide you perfect sound setting.


  • Bone conduction technology using vibrations for transmitting sounds waves directly to cochlea. It will directly transmit sound to the head by sending vibrations in front of the ear.
  • Dual microphone which can deliver clear communication even when there is noisy environment. The best thing about these headphones is that they are perfect to keep you aware of the surroundings. They will ensure that you get to enjoy your music and also keep you aware of the surroundings.
  • Premium Pitch, patented suspensions transducers which can guarantee perfect stereo sound along with bass and dynamic sound range.
  • Sweat resistant with IP55 certificate which can repeal sweat and rain. It will make sure that you can wear the headset outside without any problem even in rains.


  • Bluez 2S are very light in weight with only 1.4 ounces of weight. This makes headset very comfortable on eat and can ensure that you can use it for longer durations.
  • It comes with Open Fit Technology which can be used in any environment where you want to listen to the ambient sound and noise. They are perfect to be used while driving or jogging.
  • Bone Conduction Headphone will come with IP55 rating which makes these headset rain, seat and dust resistant.
  • There is an inbuilt switch in the headset which comes with a power button, volume button and other features.


  • Blues 2S will not offer you with pristine quality sound. Performance of the headset is not very great and some might find it underpowered.
  • Battery is also a bit short if compared to other products.

Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium Open Ear Bone Conduction

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones ReviewAftershokz Trekz Titanium are one of the good options to consider. They can provide you with the latest technology and ensure that you get pristine sound settings. They are high quality headsets which look stunning al though. Headset will offer you Trekz Titanium signature Premium Pitch along with Open Fit Technology. It can provide you crystal clear sound and is highly durable, comfortable and lightweight package. It will allow users to use hearing aid or casual listeners to let people be aware about surroundings.


  • It comes with bone conduction technology which can provide mini vibrations, so that you can send sound by cheekbones. It will directly send sound to the inner ears for providing comfort and awareness.
  • It comes with wireless Bluetooth technology so that you can connect with your smartphones.
  • Headset comes with patented Premium Pitch+ technology which can deliver powerful bass and crystal clear sound.
  • Made with titanium frame, the headset will provide you with good durability and flexibility.
  • It comes with good in class battery with more than 6 hours of calls and music that can offer complete inline controls.


  • Despite being non-traditional, headset will offer users with superb sound quality along with rich sound spectrum.
  • Aftershokz Trekz Titanium will come with long lasting battery which can allow users to have about 6 hours of backup. It comes with Bluetooth and all the in line controls.
  • According to the aftershokz trekz titanium review- This technology can be useful for those who wear hearing aid. It will ensure that people will stay aware of the surrounding with impressive music experience.
  • With no wires the headset is perfect for working out in gym or while running.
  • Aftershokz Trekz will come with Titanium frame that can offer you light-weight, durable and long lasting experience.


  • Aftershokz Titanium will come up with a bulky design and can make it difficult to wear with glasses, and helmets.
  • Sound quality can be less engaging and subjective if compared with normal bone conduction headphones.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Mini Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

These are a very innovative headset which employs bone conduction technology. It can transmit sound waves directly into the ear canal by using vibrations. This headphones for hearing impaired is a breakthrough technology which will allow users to listen to their favorite music without blocking their ears. Headset has OpenFit technology, which providing comfort fit for allowing users to listen the ambient sound when they are working out or jogging. They are very comfortable to use as they come up with a snug fit and advanced technology.


  • Bone Conduction Headsets come with an innovative technology which will transmit sound by using vibrations in the cochlea. It will let you listen to the music without blocking the ears.
  • This will make sure that there is unmatched sound awareness for extended support. It will avoid any damage to ears while exercising and will keep you aware of the surrounding.
  • Bluetooth bone conduction headphones will come with IP55 certification that can provide you waterproof and dust proof headsets.
  • Headset comes with good battery that can provide you playback time of 6 hours and standby time of 10 hours.


  • AfterShokz bone conduction earphones will let user listen the music and also listen to external sounds and hearing ambient sound while running, exercising and working.
  • It can provide you good Bluetooth connectivity along with good range. It can pair with devices easily.
  • It can provide you perfect wire free experience and can ensure that you get the comfort which is needed.
  • It comes with good battery along with 6 hours of backup and good audio quality.


  • It will not offer high fidelity sound if compared with other headset.
  • Fit of the headset is not very good making it difficult to be worn with glasses and helmets.

Sain Sonic BM-7 Bluetooth Bone Conducting Headphones

Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone Review

Sain Sonic is one of the new names in the bone conduction headphones. This is one of their top of the line products that can provide you with BM-7 bluetooth headphones. It will allow people to listen to music by using your cheekbones. Headset features a cutting edge technology which lets user hear ambient noises.


  • This will use vibrations for transmission of audio using your skull bone without blocking your ear.
  • This is an open ear headset which will allow you to listen to music and phone calls when you are still hearing the sounds around you.
  • It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which provide 10 meters of range. There is a 2 in 1 wireless connection that allows you to pair two mobiles.
  • It comes with two years of manufacturer’s warranty.


  • It will allow you to listen music directly by vibrations and keep you ear open.
  • These headsets are compatible with every Bluetooth device and can offer spot on production of sound.
  • It will utilize ultimate technology which will let users listen to music along with all the background sounds and ambient noises.
  • Wireless bone conduction headphone will offer you rich stereo experience along with clear audio experience.


  • Headset will not come with any adjustable band which can trouble some people.
  • Like all the other bone headsets they lack quality of sound.

Aftershokz Bluez2 Bone Headphones

Aftershokz Bluez 2 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones ReviewAftershokz Bluez 2 use bone conduction technology to produce audio. It transmit sound waves through skull bones. Conventional headset they do not cover or insert in ears. Aftershokz are quite popular due to their method. Their Bluez 2 series has not failed to impress the users as it offers wireless and Bluetooth abilities. If you are an individual who spends hours of time outdoors and needs to stay aware of the surroundings then Aftershokz Bluez 2 is an ideal choice for you. It will offer you stay alert while enjoying your favorite music.


  • It uses the new technology that transmits sound waves directly to cochlea through vibrations.
  • Unique ambient sound experience.
  • Great comfort and open fit assurance.
  • Patented dual suspension that guarantees finest audio.
  • Effectively repels sweat so ideal while doing a workout.
  • Clear communication through dual microphones. Works well in noisy environments.


  • Wireless bone conduction headphones that are comfortable to use even while doing workout.
  • Listener can experience ambient sound and high quality listening experience.
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit offers higher portability.
  • Highly useful for people using hearing aids as used PremiumPitch and OpenEar technology.
  • Sweat and moisture resistant.
  • Comes with amazing accessories such as smart storage pouch and micro USB cable.


  • Leaks sound which is a basic disadvantage of most of the bone conduction headphones.
  • Sound quality reduces in noisy environment.

Bone Conducting Headphones

The History of Bone Conduction Technology

For past 20 years, Hearing devices have gone through a major revolution. Today they can provide a perfect way to provide hearing ability to those who have partial or minimal hearing loss. In the Renaissance period, Girolamo Cardano proved a technique in which sound can be broadcasted in the ear with the help of a shaft or a with a spear rod which can be held between the teeth of the person. This was believed to be the start of the teeth activators for the purpose of hearing, first for the purpose of musical instruments and later in 19th century for speakers.

Advancements in the carbon microphones of the commencement for the 20th century has permitted for the creation of the bone conduction devices. In these devices, vibrator is positioned in the mastoid area and can support the eye glasses ever since 1950. This method solved many problems and most notable of that was loss of part sound which occurred in the supple tissue of the exterior mastoid. This gave an idea to Andres Tjellstrom that inserting the vibrator in the mastoid bone can solve this problem. He then went on to develop the first ever Baha in Goteborg back in the year 1977. Ever since then there has been many developments which have resulted in the expansion of the Bone Conducting devices.

Bone Conduction Hearing Devices

  • Implantable

Implantable devices are instruments which are perfect for those people who have conductive losses or some kind of mixed hearing loss. They can be perfect for those children who have single sided hearing problem or deafness. With the help of these devices transport of sound signals with the help of vibrations in the skull bone can appear. This basically means that exterior and middle ears are not able to indulge in any conveying of the sound to the cochlear areas.

One thing about the bone conducting devices is that they can be applied surgically and screwed in the skill. One this is carried they can be inserted in the bone of the skull or behind the ear.

Second way to use bone conducting devices is to apply the surgical implants with the help of magnetic links with the help of vibrator or a titanium screw inside the skull.

  • Non-Implantable

Non-Implantable devices are those in which sound is received with the help of microphone and a transformer. With the help of these vibrations, inner ear will have to be activated which can allow the person to hear. This happens because the usual channel of the ear channel is not present. With the help of these ways, sound waves can be evaded and the hereditary lack of the ear canal or the eardrum gets activated. This is the functioning of hearing nerve. With the help of these instruments one can get hearing capacity for several months of their age. The hearing which is received with the help of these methods can permit normal speech, language, and other brain improvement. Sometimes children’s use their expertise till an ear canal is prepared or till they do not get a permanent solution.

Bone Conduction Headset

What Are Bone Conduction Headphones?

Sound is a vibration and for those who are not able to hear properly or have partial hearing loss, Bone Conduction headsets were invented. Before Bone Conduction, sound was send with the help of vibrations in the air. With the devices a more direct route is applied. They send vibrations in the top of the jaw and through which they are transferred in the inner ear of your brain. With the help of headset the vibrations are send through the rigid material of your jaw. To get good sound from the headphones you need them pressed on to your ear. They vibrate to provide you sound and if they are not properly pressed to your ear than the headphones will vibrate in the place without sending any vibrations to your face.

Wired vs Wireless

Bone conduction headset have been there for many years and have gone through a drastic change. They offer those who have problem with hearing a chance to hear using the boned of their skulls as opposed to other conventional methods. Both wired as well as wireless allow users to get them around their cheeks bone during any activity of your day. These can be used while working out, practicing, performing, simply communicating or practicing inside a noisy environment. This is particularly useful for those who use hearing aid to stay alert to the external noises and voices when they are enjoying their music.

Points To Be Consider Before Buying Your Headphones

Q1: Bone Conduction Headsets vs. Direct Implant Systems

A: There are two types of bone conduction devices: direct drive and skin drive. The fundamental difference between the two are the conduction technologies which are used. With the help of hearing aids the vibrations are sent from outside the skull. Here magnets are used for the purpose of keeping the vibrator in place. Vibrations are transmitted across the skin of the skill.

Direct bone implants are much more precise and permanent. They deliver vibrations directly to the cochlea. In this type the hearing device is directly screwed to the skull which produced better results.

Q2: Bone Conduction Headphones vs Air Conduction Headsets

A: There is a basic difference of principle between both the typed of hearing devices. In air conduction hearing aid the hearing occurs through the air near the ear. This hearing aid just amplifies the external sound and sends it to the ear. This occurs with the involvement of air canal and eardrum. On the other hand bone conducting headset uses vibration for transmitting sound. They send vibrations to the skull and they transmit to the ear through the bones.

Q3: Will These headset Bypass My Bad Ear To Allow Me Hear Music Better?

A: Cochlea is the part of our ear which is used by the bone headphones. These headphones bypass the bad ear and use cochlea for transmitting sound. Just like going through middle ear and eardrum, bone conduction uses cochlea to send impulse to transmit it to the brain. So basically they will completely by pass the damaged part to provide you sound.

Q4: What Is Use Of Bone Conducting Headphones In 21st Century?

  • Situation Awareness

Biggest benefit of using bone vibration headphones is that they can provide you situational awareness. Most of the people who have problems with hearing do not have the awareness of the things which are happening around them. With the help of these headset people can be aware while walking, cycling, running or driving. It can reduce risk of accident.

  • Unique Listening Experience

With the help of using bone conduction headset, people can experience a very unique listening experience. They can be used to listen to your favorite tunes using cochleas while staying aware about the outside sound.

  • Better Fit And Style

This headphones which are available today are lot more stylish and provide better fit. They can be worn to any party or event without looking odd.

  • Transmission Of Sound

Bone Headset is alternate ways through which sound can be reaches to the ears. In these devices a connection is made to the skull bone and vibrations are transmitted from those boned to the cochlea in the ear.  Higher audible frequency will cause skull to vibrate in different segments. These vibrations are transmitted to the cochlear fluids.

  • Are Bone-Conducting devices Better Than Regular Headphones?

Biggest benefit of these headphones is that they can provide you perfect way to stay aware about your surroundings. It use vibrations to transmit sounds so if you are driving or walking on the road they will allow you to listen to your favorite music and pay attention to outside world at the same time.

How Does Bone Conduction Work?

You have to understand how we hear sound before learning working of bone conducting headphones. The basic principle of sound is it travels in form of waves through air. The sound waves travel through various structures in our ears. The general transmission way is through outer ear or eardrum.

The bone conducting headphones transmit the sound through the bones in skull. Which offers a safer way to listen to the music with headset as it does not leave any impact on our inner ear? Bone conduction headphones entered in the market in the year 2000. They are considered as one of the most popular music gears since then. The major reason behind their popularity is they protect ears even with prolonged usage.

Most of the audiology foundations have said that these headphones are really safe. If you compare sound quality of bone headphones with other conventional then the answer is a bit tricky. As they do not cancel external noise they offer a completely different music listening experience than the conventional headset.

How Bone Conduction Works

Benefits Provide To Your Ears

Bone conduction headphones are popular among people due to their unique listening experience. For the first time use you may feel a bit odd as the external noises will creep into your ears all the time. But this is the reason why bone conducting headsets are so useful for people using hearing aids, athletes, performers and workers. They can comfortably enjoy listening to music along with understanding the things going around. Following are the benefits of using these coolest headphones.

  • Multi Tasking

The best part about using bone conduction headphones is they help you in multi tasking. If your work environment does not allow you to use headphones and you have to keep yourself aware or surrounding noises then bone conducting headsets are ideal for you. You can easily listen to the ambient and surrounding sounds while enjoying the music. This will keep you aware about the things happening around. You can stay connected with the outside world without compromising entertainment.

  •  Wonderful Listening Experience

One thing for sure bone conduction headphones will offer you an enormous listening experience. The experience of listening to music with these headphones is just unmatchable. You may feel the sound is inside your head which is an unusual as well as pleasant experience. The sound quality is rich and warm yet keeps you aware of the surrounding. You will feel the bass closely as the headphones vibrate your face.

  • Comfortable Fitting

The best part about bone conducting headphones is they offer a very comfortable fitting. These headphones are really lightweight and extremely portable. You can use it as your daily gear with an ease. You can even use while doing a workout or your daily commute. As bone conducting headphones do not cover or enclose your ear you can use it for a long time without any discomfort.

  • Keeps You Aware About The Surroundings

Conventional headphones offer an amazing music listening experience but at the cost of awareness.  You can hardly hear what is going on around you as it cancels the noise around you. Bone conducting headphones keeps your ears free as you hear through the sound waves transmitting through your cheekbones. This will help you stay aware of the surroundings. You will have a perfect sync with world around you even if the volume is really loud.

  • Scuba Diving

Can you imagine an experience of listening to your favorite music while being under water? Bone conducting headphones offer you this wonderful experience. This can happen due to their unique approach of sound transmission. If you buy waterproof bone conducting headphones you can even use it underwater. It is a popular choice among the professional scuba drivers.

  • Safety

Another plus point of bone conduction headphones is they offer improved noise control which helps in protecting listener’s hearing. These headsets help people with hearing loss by delivering sound without interfering with inner ear. This will protect from the risk of hearing damage through prolonged usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is It Safe To Use Bone Conduction devices For People With Sensitive Ears?

A: People who have sensitive ears and don’t want to cover or insert an earphone in their ears they can use these headset. As these are created with principles of sound waves that vibrate around bones of skull. These generate audio in ear canal.

  1. Are Bone Conduction Headphones Useful In Enhancing Hearing Music For People With Bad Ears?

A: Bone conduction headphones are useful for people with hearing ability but if the ears are badly damaged then it’s not working. It helps you to listen more ambient sound and reduce the external noises. This will enhance your music listening experience. The Headphones provide good sound quality which helps you enjoy your favorite music.

  1. Are The Bone Conduction Headphones Compatible With Smartphones?

A: Yes. Headphones are compatible with all digital music players such as smartphones, tablets, audio players etc. No matter if they are wireless or wired bone conduction headphones they will provide a great listening experience.

  1. Are The Bone Conduction Headphones Waterproof?

A: According to IP rating bone conducting headset are water and moisture resistant but they can or cannot be used under water. Most of the open ear bone conduction headphones have IP53 rating or above. This allows the usage in water. User should always check the rating before buying.

  1. Are They Safe For Hearing Loss?

A: Bone conduction headphones are based on the technology of transferring sound waves that create vibrations inside the skull. These are highly recommended for people using hearing aids as they do not cover or close the ears.


These headphones are definitely one of the most useful invention in stereo sound gears. Though they are little bit higher in prize it is worth in investing specially if you use any top rated hearing aids or work in such environment where you have to be consistently aware of the surrounding. These reviews of best bone conduction headphones will provide a rich and unique listening experience.

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