9 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss [Infographic]


Hearing is the means at which the sound is detected and it is performed through the auditory system. The ear plays a crucial role in detecting those mechanical sound waves and transduces them into nerve impulses that could be recognized by the brain. Hearing loss is a partial or total inability to hear.

Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be prevented

  • Avoid Exposure To Loud Noise

The sound or noise that is 85 dB can permanently damage your hearing, it is therefore important to monitor the sound to which you expose your ears. You can be exposed to loud noise in the workplace processing and construction site, and at home through music system and many other domestic appliances.

  • Make Use Of Head And Hearing Protection

When in such areas of loud noise which you cannot control, make use of the hearing protection. There are many hearing protection devices on the market. If possible neither in sport or any other circumstances avoid head trauma, make use of head protection if needed.

  • Indulge Your Body With Enough Sleep

Whenever there is a sound, the ear is at work, it can never be rested unless you shut the opening. Enough sleep ensures restoration of your brain function and improved hearing.

  • Take Caution Of Foreign Objects

Foreign object to your ear may cause the ear infection or injury and may lead to hearing loss. Take extra care when cleaning your ear.

  • Regular Exercise

Exercising enables the heart to pump blood to all parts of the body, which include the ear. The sensory receptors (auditory hair cells) in the inner ear which detect sound and transmit it to the brain are dependent to the good blood flow, and with slower blood flow they can be permanently damaged causing Auditory Neuropathy hearing loss.

  • Healthy Eating To Prevent Hearing Loss

There are various types of minerals and vitamins which are useful for you hearing health e.g. Omega 3 Fats, vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and many others including anti-oxidants and Folic Acid

  • Carry Earplugs Whenever You Go

You may find yourself in a place where you cannot just leave, perhaps an important event or some kind of an activity where you have a role to play. Make use of your pocket earplugs to save your hearing.

  • Regular Checkups

Having your hearing to be tested will help you to track your hearing function, the sooner the loss is detected the better.

  • Keep Your Ears Clean And Dry

Your ear hass got wax which helps protect it against bacterial infections; however, excess moisture will cause the bacterial infections.


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