8 Ways To Detoxify Your Body [Infographic]


Detoxification is the process of removal of toxins in your body; liver, kidneys, the skin, digestive system and cardiovascular system are all hard at work to try and eliminate the toxins from our body. Although the body has got its own natural detoxification system, it may be not proportional to toxins incurred.

Detoxification is vital in order to keep your health going, it may be achieved through certain activities and diet system.8 Ways to detoxify Your Body

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Foods That Enhance Detoxification

  • Turmeric

Besides improving blood circulation, pain relief and aiding digestive system; turmeric also supports gallbladder and liver function. It stimulates, improves bile flow and invigorates liver cells.

  • Garlic

Has got many health benefits which include increased blood circulation, immune booster, fighting ailments and infections; that is beside detox properties. The sulphur compound in garlic helps the liver to flush out toxins

  •  Vitamin B1

Often called the anti-stress vitamin; naturally found in green leaves of peas, spinach, pistachios among others.  It is also found in eggs, beef, nuts etc. It is useful in treating medical conditions; improve cognitive abilities and cardiovascular system of the body.

  • Asparagus

Present fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E, K, and chromium, which are known to enhance the ability of insulin to convey glucose from the bloodstream into cells. It is loaded with high levels of the amino acid asparagine which makes it a natural diuretic, thereby cleansing the bladder and urinary tract. It also has Antioxidant properties.

Activities And Attitude That Enhance Detoxification

  • Regular Exercise And Meditation

Exercise warms up the body and promotes blood circulation and lymph and as they circulate, the more is the liver and lymph nodes cleanse the blood and the lymph. As your exercise, the lungs and heart are compelled to increase their capacity which increases the production and release of carbon dioxide. The skin also cleans the body through perspiration. Meditation and yoga can also help enhancing detoxification

  • Drink A Lot Of Healthy Fluid

There is nothing wrong but virtuous in starting a day with pure clean or filtered water. Healthy fluids help enhance metabolism and kidney function. Drinking more fluids maintains normal bowel function. Other recommended fluids are Lemon juice, green tea, green leaf smoothie to name the few.

  • Meditation

It also helps in detoxifying body and mind.

  • Reduce The Intake Of Toxins

Toxins can be inhaled when the air is contaminated, absorbed through the skin, and can be ingested with the food or fluid intake. Prevention is still the better cure, there, avoid areas of obvious environmental pollution or make use of protection (PPE). Eat healthily and practice the hygienic lifestyle. Reduce the intake of sugar, alcohol and any other toxins, even if it’s seasonal.


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