8 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Our Health [Infographic]


Though many of us may not be aware, there are some regular habits which perhaps could be damaging to our health. Hence it would be for the benefit of readers if we could share eight such habits which are best avoided. It will help avoid quite a bit of complications some of which could be serious.

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  • Trying To Control Sneezing

There are many of us who try to control sneezing especially when it comes in a meeting or a gathering. While following social etiquette is important stopping sneezing is the last thing you must do. It could lead to sudden damage to vessels, headaches and even hearing losses.

  • Stay Away From Perfumes

Most perfumes are made from synthetic chemicals and other toxic agents. Hence it would be better to keep away from perfumes however expensive they might be. It would be better to substitute them with essential natural oils which are fragrant and also are not harmful to the health.

  • Using Smartphone Before Going To Sleep

Another common practice is to use mobile phone for long hours before going to sleep. This is highly dangerous and would most certainly spoil health in more ways than one. It most certainly will cause irreparable damage to the eyes.

  • Food Stored In Plastic Containers

 There is no denying the fact that food stored in plastic containers could be highly toxic and therefore should not be allowed unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Further it would be very bad if you store cooked food in plastic containers.

  • Brushing Teeth Immediately On Eating

 It would be better to brush at least after 60 minutes of eating. This is because immediately after eating, your mouth is full of acids and brushing it would push the acids deeper into your enamel and damage it very badly.

  • Overusing Of Antibacterial Soaps 

Many useful and good bacteria live on the surface of the skin and unplanned use of antibacterial soap could lead to the death of these bacteria which could lead to skin infections and other such problems.

  • Tight Jeans

While tight jeans might look fashionable you there is no doubt that it could pinch your nerves and muscles very badly. Making this a habit could lead to severe problems of the nerves. There have been many such instances therefore one must keep this always in mind.

  • Freshly Squeezed Juice

 Though fruit juice is very good for health, drinking freshly squeezed juice may not be desirable because of a few reasons.  If you have serious illnesses and medical conditions like diabetes it is quite possible that it could lead to many difficult medical conditions.


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